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We put together Something Real as we're always being asked for recommendations for documentaries to see. Across all the digital platforms there are so many films to flick through and we'd hate for people to end up picking a crap documentary when there are so many great ones out there to watch right now. We are platform neutral, giving you as many options as possible and don't favour any particular distributor.

Something Real is initiated by three honest doc lovers, working in the industry and constantly coming across new and hidden gems. We're eager to spread our addiction to non-fiction.

We are currently only sharing films available digitally in both UK and US. If you aren't based in these territories then stay tuned - we'll be expanding soon to give you more geo-specific choices.

Luke Moody

I'm something of a cineaste, washed up artist/anthropologist and former guardian of stolen marbles at the British Museum. I currently work for the glorious BRITDOC Foundation helping filmmakers in any way possible. Now and then, when I'm feeling energetic after a soya burger I run, literally run, itsgotlegs raising bus fares for artist-filmmakers. I like my docs to be super modern, whatever year they come from - things like The Perfumed Nightmare, Salaam Cinema, Sans Soleil, Close-up (is that a doc?), Culloden and John Smith's Hotel Diaries

Jess Search

The only documentary I have ever directed was about Bruce Lee. Since then I've been lucky to have been a part of dozens of award-winning docs getting made, first at Channel 4 and now at BRITDOC - a documentary non-profit based in London which runs the Good Pitch events. Before all that I started an online filmmakers network with my best friend Cath called Shooting People which helps indie filmmakers find their collaborators and learn about filmmaking. A fan of all kinds of documentaries from the super political to the whimsical and poetic, some of my favourites (excluding stuff I worked on) are The Arbour, Grey Gardens, Primary, The Interrupters, Act of Killing and King of Kong.

James Franklin

I'm a Graphic Designer who works with independent filmmakers and is the Creative Director at BRITDOC. Over the years I've worked on the releases of over a hundred great films including The End of the Line and Burma VJ. I also launched Assemble which creates websites and audience management tools for docs I love like Dirty Wars, The Square, Pussy Riot and Ping Pong.